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Kanab Western Legends Country Battle USA

15 Bands Battle for $15,000! Do you have what it takes?!?


15 Bands Battle for $15,000, winner takes all!

Do you have what it takes?!?


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Western Legends Heritage and Music Festival Country Battle USA Rules and Regulations:



• Music must be Western, Country or Country Pop.

• Demo music must be submitted to Kane County Events and Volunteer Center in a MP3 format or a link to your music.

• A $150 entry fee is required, but will be refunded when the band/group shows up on time to perform.

• Bands must submit a completed application and payment for the $150 deposit by July 1st, 2019 at 5pm to be considered. This allows time for all chosen bands to be included in our advertisement and booklet.

• Country Battle USA is a live music, band/group competition. No solo singers or DJ/mixers will be considered. Band/group size must be at least two (3), but no more than eight (8) musical performers.

• Bands selected to compete must perform for 40 minutes. No tracking or lip-syncing will be allowed.

• You may have up to 50% of your song be “Cover songs.”

• You will have 10 min to get on stage and set up, and 10 min to get off stage.

• If you are chosen as one of the 15 Bands, you will need to: o Contact our sound tech with your stage plots and needs so that the transition on and off the stage goes smoothly. 

  • Provide a high resolution image of your band by July 10th, 2019. Western Legends Heritage and Music Festival is a family-friendly event and any band/group submitting an application for the Country Battle USA agrees to provide appropriate entertainment. Event organizers reserve the right to disqualify a band/group for reasons including, offensive lyrics, inappropriate dress or behavior, gang or offensive tattoos, depiction of violence or nudity or explicit activity. Violations will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.


Judging will be based on the following criteria on a scale of 1-10.


1) Overall Performance

2) Sound Quality

3) Playlist variety

4) Personality/crowd interaction

5) Appearance

6) Attitude and professionalism

There will be a panel of Judges that will give the band feedback immediately after your performance. In order to ensure the fairest judging possible and removing any chance of judging bias there will be a panel of 5 judges and the highest and lowest score from each band will be thrown out and the 3 remaining judges will determine the score. This score will determine 80% of your overall score. The other 20% will be audience choice.


*** Prizes: $15,000 Winner takes all! ***



• If any member of a band/group is late for their performance time, the band may choose to perform without the late member(s) or forfeit their spot in the competition. If the whole band/group is late for their arrival time, they will be automatically disqualified.

• Bands must provide all instrumentation and instrument amplification (guitar amp, base amp, etc) A sound system (speakers/monitors), microphones and stands will be provided.

• Bands will be performing either on Friday August 16th or Saturday August 17th in Kanab Utah. To avoid “Band Bias” all 15 band slot will be drawn through an online generator. The drawing and results will be shown live on our Facebook page. You will be given the info in advance where to go and watch the drawing if you are one of the 15 bands chosen to compete. If you are not willing to play on Friday, do not apply.

• Bands will play at the top of each hour. Excluding Saturday from noon to 1 pm for the parade. The winners will be announced Saturday 7:30 pm. The winning band will perform at street dance Saturday from 8 to11 and must play 2 hours during that time for payment.


Attendance and Voting:

There will be a $10 cover fee per person each day to get into the Country Battle USA. They will receive a wrist band that can be cut off at the end of the day and used as a ballet to vote for their favorite band. This allows a person coming two days to have 2 votes. Remember Audience is 20% of the score so bring your followers!



By participating in Country Battle USA, all members of the band/group grant Kanab Western Legends Heritage and Music Festival permission to take, use, or publish photographs of them either with or without their names, in such manner as, in its sole discretion, Western Legends Heritage and Music Festival may deem proper, and further waive ownership interest in any photos or copies thereof.



We will have t-shirts for sale at the event but each band is allowed to have a table with band merchandise (i.e. shirts, CD’s, stickers, etc) for sale in designated areas during the competition.



Kanab's Western Legends Heritage & Music Festival is produced in partnership with:

Kane County Office of Tourism 

Kane County Events & Volunteer Center

Western Legends Roundup Committee