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Zion Ponderosa Jeep Tours

Activity Type
Guided Tours

Zion Ponderosa Jeep Tours are experienced in our specialized off-road cruiser and enjoy touring the scenic overlooks and canyons of this region. Your driver / guide will take you to some remarkable locations and will provide information on the history and geology of this area, that is part of the geologic region called the Grand Staircase. Scenic Zion Ponderosa

The effects of erosion are visible at every turn and wildlife will often show themselves as you pass along. It is not uncommon to see deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, and a variety of birds as you venture down into canyons or along scenic corridors. Turkey vultures, hawks and the occasional eagle are often visible overhead. The large California Condor with a wing-span of up to nine feet is known to venture into this region from time to time. Forests of pine and juniper with their diverse vegetation will bring sweet aromas to you as pass in and out of different vegetation zones. The views and vistas you will see will take your breath away. Don’t miss this incredible experience! (4 person minimum).

This tour includes a ride to Jolley’s Gulch, Pine Knoll, and then on to Brushy Cove. This scenic course travels over fairly rough terrain with large rocks and narrows passages. The tour goes past a wide variety of foliage including a Ponderosa Pine that has been scratched by a bear to mark its territory. Travelers will also see a very large ant hill, and gorgeous views of the surrounding terrain.

Our most popular jeep experience is our new Sunset Jeep Cruise. You will leave the recreation barn about an hour before Sunset and will follow the North Fork Road and then divert to a road that takes you up to our famous Pine Knoll. On Pine Knoll you’ll capture views of the vast expanse that surrounds Zion Ponderosa. Watch the sun set on the western horizon and enjoy an ice-cream selection of your choice. It’s a breathtaking experience!

5 Miles N. North Fork Road East - Zion National Park
Mt. Carmel, UT 84755
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