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Zion Backcountry Yurts

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Zion Back Country Yurts is located in the unspoiled, pristine location of East Zion- in the center of the world's most dense concentration of natural wonders. 

The beautiful yurt structure caters to a variety of people and lifestyles. One of our best features is the solitude and exposure to Mother Nature. Here, you won't find quiet hours, disruptive campers, or noise and light pollution. The yurt provides the ultimate experience for those willing to go off the grid, off the main road, and into the backcountry. This space is where the tourist crowds disappear and the rugged, raw beauty appears. 

The yurt accommodates up to 9 adults, so whether you are a large group or a single soul, make the yurt a base camp to do all of your Southern Utah backcountry exploring!

Located just over 3 miles from the east border of Zion National Park, the yurt sits on the side of a mountain overlooking the entrance to the world famous Narrows hike. The morning view from the deck allows one to see the lush valley where the trail begins, and the evening view provides an Imax screen of the setting sun. Desert nights can be chilly and summer days can be scorching hot, but the location is worth it!

East Zion
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Detailed directions to the Yurt as well as the lock code will be provided to guests once all persons have signed and read the Release of Liability and Acknowledgment of Risks Agreement and full payment has been received.

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