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The Rock Stop (Orderville)

The Rock Stop is located on highway 89 east of Zion National Park and it is owned by Don and Mickey Davis. This rock shop is easy to identify as it is in the shape of a Rock. It is made of plaster, paper, chicken wire and fiberglass. The owners have tried to keep the original look and feel of the shop, which is a truly unique building. They have added a few touches including an espresso machine and lots of of inventory and a covered picnic area. Their coffee specialty is an espresso sundae- a great summer treat! 


It was first called Dinosaurland in the late 60's/ early 70's. The shop itself is very unique and is approximately 45 years old. Originally built as a dinosaur museam. The shop and life size dinosaur sculptures were designed and built by artist, professor Elbert Porter and his family. 

For seven years at this location, there were in the center of the geological formations laid down during the mesozoic period; the period in which the dinosaurs lived. On September 15,1977 they took their journey to a new home in Vernal, Utah at the Dinosaur Natural HIstory Museum. 

Picture of the dinosaur sculptures as they are being hauled off to their new home in Vernal, UT. 

In the early 1980's the shop was known as Joe's Rock Shop. Joe & Maria Caruso then turned the shop into an internationally known rock shop specializing in the septarian nodule, which is found just three miles from the shop. Later their son Bob Caruso and his family purchased and took over the family shop. They renamed the shop, The Rock Stop. Bob (the "Rock Monkey") still cuts and polishes the sepatrian nodules for the shop. 

Picture of shop as "Joe's Rock Shop."

Don and Mickey have owned The Rock Shop since 2008. Mickey and Don quit their corporate jobs in Las Vegas to head "to the sticks." They had come to a point in their lives where they were so busy that they never saw each other. "Heck with that," they said. 

There are all kinds of rocks, some fossils and jewelry at The Rock Stop. Swing by and visit with Mickey and try one of her coffee specialties- the espresso sundae. 


Basic Directions

The Rock Stop

Hwy 89, Orderville

South of town, corner of hwy 89 and 100 North.