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Guided Tours

Multi-day Guided horse rides & cattle drive vacations in scenic Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Six different vacation rides to choose from riding through the national parks or  Navajoland.  Accommodations for up to 12 riders. Vacation packages range from $1585- $2830 per person with meals, accommodations and shuttle service. Trips book out well in advance- plan ahead at their website (view rides in either Utah or Arizona). Phone:  (435) 691-7433 Email: [email protected]  (Seasonal operation running from Memorial Day- Labor Day (May-September)).

Our varied horseback riding vacations in Utah and Arizona offer riders a chance to visit some of the most awe inspiring terrain in the world. John Ford’s famous movies, using this enthralling country as a backdrop, have caught the imagination of the world and views of these majestic formations and vast canyons have become symbolic of the American West to millions everywhere. National parks like Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyon attract millions of tourists from around the world. The Three Park Spectacular visits the highlights of all three of these parks and on horseback one can penetrate parts of them seldom visited by other tourists.

The Navajoland Ride takes you to see remnants of the highly developed, ancient Anasazi Civilization which has so fascinated archeologists. This trip traverses the grandiose Canyon de Chelly with its sheer thousand foot high walls towering above the valley floor in the heart of Navaho country.  Cave dwellings are perched precariously high on the sides of these cliffs where they provided protection from intruders. The Winter Pastures Horseback Ride descends far into the depths of the Grand Canyon from the seldom visited Utah side. The trail takes you to benches and meadows at much lower altitudes where the winter climate is far milder and provides a pleasant haven for wildlife as well as riders from winter storms. The fall Cattle Drive when the cows are moved between Utah and Arizona to winter pasture in the old tradition offer another kind of riding experience. You will experience the authentic life of a cowboy on this rigorous and challenging adventure.

You will have reliable, experienced horses who negotiate the difficult terrain with ease and you will quickly have complete confidence in their ability. Your guides are fourth generation ranchers who are well acquainted with the history, flora and fauna of this fascinating area. These rides will give you an authentic Western experience most tourists never dream of.

If you have an interest in the past, you can read here about the colorful history of Horseback Riding in Utah.


Enjoy a horseback riding vacation in Utah on the Two Inn Trail


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