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Grand Canyon Ranch and Outfitters

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Guided Tours

Enjoy life as a real cowboy and participate in a 5 day/4-night vacation cattle drive. Visitors will drive cattle to summer or winter pastures and ride through some of the most scenic canyons in the west. Each night, you’ll lodge in your bunkhouse where you’ll enjoy exquisite views of the Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument. The ranch is located southeast from Kanab on the Kaibab Forest. Trips are all-inclusive. Day trips and shorter trips are available as well. To book, go to www.grandcanyonranchandoutfitters.com.

Grand Canyon Ranch and Outfitters is located in the northwest corner of Arizona on the Arizona Strip, and considered some of the most remote country in the United States even today. The Ranch sits among the lofty peaks and giant Ponderosa Pine of the Kaibab National Forest, with elevations ranging from 2000 ft. to over 8000 ft. Tributaries from the forest reach down to the beautiful arid red rock canyons of Kanab Creek, which is one of the largest water contributors to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. There are five National Parks within eighty miles, most of which you can see from the Ranch. Millions travel from around the world every year to visit this special and beautiful area. 

Our family has been in the ranching business for over seven generations in this area. The ranches have been rich in the history and folklore of this area. The Ranch played a big role in the settling of the whole southwest. Our family operated the Ferry on the Colorado River at the remote outpost of Lee's Ferry, which at that time was one of the only crossing within three hundred miles in either direction. Our Mountain Country is part of the Mule Deer Reserve set aside by Teddy Roosevelt and still has some of the most spectacular and sought after mule deer in the world. Zane Gray spent a lot of time here and wrote extensively about this area. Wild Bill Cody was here on several occasions, and locals will tell tales of Butch Cassidy and his wanderings in and around this area. The famous Outlaw Trail cuts through the ranch and was used by outlaws taking stolen horses to Mexico. The Honeymoon Trail also borders the ranch and was used by early Mormon settlers.

Our family worked for several of the early and notorious cattle companies such as the Bar Z Cattle Company, Pipe Spring Cattle Company and The Nutter Cattle Company. These were the larger operators in some of the area we control and operate now.

Much of the Ranch is as remote as it ever was and we still work the cattle the same as they have been worked for generations. Horses are very important to us and are used extensively to handle cattle.




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