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Craig Primas Gallery

The legendary Craig Primas Gallery specializes in southern Utah fine art photography and southern Utah landscape photography. Craig Primas Gallery calls the picturesque Duck Creek Village at Cedar Mountain home. As such, it also features Duck Creek Utah photography, Duck Creek Village fine art photography, and Duck Creek nature photography.

Craig Primas is a landscape and nature fine art photographer. He has traveled throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe on assignments and creative self-projects to create fine art images.

He first visited Duck Creek Village in 1973. Traveling to Bryce Canyon, he recalls the full moon illuminating the Cedar Canyon landscape, an experience he describes as “spiritual.” This life-changing experience led him to purchasing his first real camera, Nikkormat FT2.

In 1977, his photographic vision of Duck Creek Village and Cedar Mountain began to form. Primas has been capturing his vision of the landscape through southern Utah fine art photography ever since. An avid outdoorsman, Craig has witnessed the beauty, complexities, spirit, and conflicts of every aspect of natural and man-altered environments.


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815 E. Movie Ranch Rd. Bldg B. 

Duck Creek Village, UT 84762

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