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Many art galleries can be found within the Grand Canyons Region


Ravens Heart Gallery

57 West Center Street Kanab, UT 

Ravens Heart Gallery stands for art with heart; expressing kindness, compassion and respect for all life. Art that inspires us to explore deeper parts of ourselves where we can find peace, beauty and a sense of connection.

Ravens Heart Gallery features the works of Gary Kalpakoff http://www.garyalankalpakoff.com/ and Cyrus Mejia http://cyrusmejia.com/ along with other established and emerging artists from the region and beyond. 





Walt Thirion Photograpy Gallery

238 W Center St, Kanab, UT 

It’s said that one of the reasons people collect art is to communicate a message about themselves to the world.

Sometimes, that message is about more than the collector and their aesthetic leanings, it’s about something important they believe in or a cause they feel passionate about, in which a piece of art, or an entire collection, can become a way to effect change in the larger world. 

Hi, I’m fine art landscape photographer Walt Thirion. I strongly believe that art has the power to bring people together around a common cause. For me, that cause is environmental conservation and preservation.

If what’s important to you is artistically beautiful and technically superior fine art landscape photography that also adds to the greater good through a focus on environmental conservation, you will find a passionate and like-minded aesthetic here.

My hope is to use my work to raise awareness of environmental issues, and that those who visit my website and my Kanab studio will be motivated to support environmental conservation and education though both direct action and financial support.

To that end, part of the proceeds from the sale of my work goes directly to environmental conservation initiatives that preserve and protect the landscapes and wilderness areas I photograph.




Rockin V Cafe and Art Gallery ( The Rafters Gallery)

97 West Center Street, Kanab, Utah 


Artist Statement

Art is what YOU like.

And thank the Giant Monkeys with headphones, we don't all like the same thing. Art is good. It makes life better. So we set out to create a space that was full of cool art, at a cool temperature, created by cool artists, so the cool people waiting to eat in our cool restaurant could have a cool place to hang out & look at cool art.

The Rafters Gallery ...upstairs... at The Rocking V Cafe is Kanab, Utah's space for art. All the artists are from the area(as long as you are willing to consider Texas part of far, far eastern Utah). We have an interesting & eclectic mix of artication in: black & white photography, oils, pastels, wood sculpture, DSC (digitally saturated color....I made up that term) photography, steel work, ceramics & plaster.

We rearrange the arrangement from day to day, as dictated by sales, cloud cover and pure, unadulterated whim to confuse the staff and to amuse the public.

Our art prices are non-negotiable due to the fact that whatever business you are in, you probably don't give discounts to people who want to bargain for your services. For those who want to haggle, go out to Hollywood and get on Let's make a Deal or lacking the airfare, stay home & play on eBay all day.

Our CRAP (committee reviewing articational proclivities) team is constantly scouring the greater Kanab-Fredonia metro area and the near beyond for new talent and, as mentioned above things change and art sells. SO, if you see something you like, BUY IT! It may be gone tomorrow.

The Artists of The Rafters Gallery: 

Chris Brock :: Dallas, TX 

Chris' outstanding eye for unique composition and his mastering of the process I call Digitally Saturated Color(DSC) will leave you thinking of Andy Warhol riding the open range. Brock is a master of many media, including producing, directing, shooting(film, video, stills) & the time-honored tradition of BS'ing. A little of Chris' color in your life will get you on the right track, just watch out for the train! ::http://www.chrisbrocktv.com 

Victor Cooper :: Kanab, UT 

Stunning landscape photography from areas near and far on the Colorado Plateau. Printed on aluminum with a vibrant gloss finish. Beautiful AND durable but don't serve nachos on them! Also canvas prints of the wondrous rock formations in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Vermillion Cliffs National Monument and other incredible natural areas surrounding Kanab....The Middle of EVERYWHERE! 

Ani Eastwood :: Missoula, MT 
Oils inspired by the grandeur and majesty of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River running through it. :: http://www.anistubefineart.com 

Gary Kalpakoff :: Alton, UT 

Gary's life-sized, welded petroglyph figures of both human & animal forms will bring you closer to this area we all love so much. You may also see more of his work at the Raven's Heart Gallery, a few doors down from The Rocking V. ::http://www.garyalankalpakoff.com 

Carrie Lambert :: Grand Canyon, AZ 
Hand made, Mixed media jewelry from shells, beads glass & stone 

Pearl Meadows :: Springdale, UT 
Pearl's collection of hand-made, mixed metal jewelry includes playful human forms and geometric shapes, beautifully crafted from sterling silver, brass, bronze and re-purposed Utah copper. :: http://www.pearlmeadows.com 

Doug Polzin :: SLC, UT 

Intricate & Abstract Wood sculptures that open your mind to new interpretations of how we view form. Plus he's a cool guy. 

Pieter Schfaasma :: Flagstaff, AZ 

His style is impressionism of which he paints mainly watercolors of landscapes and architecture. He makes his own picture frames using wood that he harvest from The Colorado Plateau. 

Simone Sellin :: Marble Canyon, AZ 

Simone is still hangin' out down the end of ol' House Rock Valley road with no phone, punchin' tin, makin' masks & prints, hand printin' cards and doin' some paintin' on ammo cans and board. This, in addition to doin' some river guidin' and cookin' as well as findin' time to paint our inner door and our menu box here in Hooterville, er, Kanab. Her use of bright colors and southwestern designs make her works a pleasing sight in any room. The woman is cool, but don't go out to visit unannounced, as she will release the Mexican alligators that live in her mote on your sorry behind. No, really. 

Serena Supplee :: Moab, UT 

Happy Watercolors & AMAZING Oils inspired by the Colorado Plateau. From small, delicate pieces to towering canvases, Serena captures the spirit of slickrock. Look for her next time you're rafting the Colorado. :: http://www.serenasupplee.com 

Connie Townsend :: Flagstaff, AZ 

Amazingly entertaining oil portraits of man & woman's best friend: the dog. And sometimes: the cat. And sometimes that other best friend: the old truck. Combine 'em all and you'll see why her work is so loved. Who doesn't want a dog that can drive a truck? Townsend's sense of humor and her love for the animals clearly reveals itself on each gallery-wrapped original. Of course Townsend lives in constant fear that she will be run over by Toonces, the cat that could drive a car. ::http://www.connietownsend.net 

Tom Wesson :: Moab, UT 
Tom's rock "Partial-glyphs" have fooled more than one rock-digger into accusing us of selling stolen antiquities. Great conversation pieces for the house or garden AND they get better looking as they weather. And remember , these "canvases" weren't picked up at the art supply store. Tom's skilled hand-pecking is a sight to behold! 

Caralee Woods :: Kanab, UT 

Wonderfully detailed, hand carved and hand painted gourds, featuring Native American designs as well as other creative patterns and themes. 


The Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts

 2200 State St, Mt Carmel, UT 

Founded in 1999 through the Bingham Family Trust, the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation whose mission includes the preservation and maintenance of the Maynard Dixon home and property in Mt. Carmel, Utah. Built in 1939 by Dixon and his wife Edith Hamlin, the foundation has been instrumental in having this important historical Utah property placed on the National Register of Historic Places and as such will be included as one of the places to visit on historic Highway 89. Located near the important early Utah settlement of Orderville, the Dixon home and studio is an important destination for visiting artists wishing to partake of the beauty and spirit of Southern Utah where great painters and sculptors, writers and photographers have come for retreats and convivial inspiration for over sixty years.

Self guided tours are available Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM for $10.00 per person. Formal tours of the property are conducted by the docents at $20.00 per person. These tours are by appointment and are may be scheduled daily



Check out the many local history and cultural museums located near Kanab!


Kanab Heritage Museum

 13 South 100 East Kanab, UT

The Kanab Heritage Museum is like no other museum you’ve ever seen. Housed in the “Old Kanab Library”, the building itself is an artifact of and tribute to the pioneering men and women of the West who sought greater knowledge by building a library for the community to enjoy.

Walk through every era of Kanab’s unique history and get right up close to museum artifacts that are over 150 years old, and others that are hundreds and even thousands of years old. See first-hand what life was like for native people, early western explorers, the pioneers, and early settlers as you browse collections including:

Pioneer kitchen supplies

Quilts and textiles

Clothing and wedding dresses

School sweaters, jackets, and uniforms

Ladies hats

Toys and dolls

Historic photos, maps, and tools

Photos of military servicemen and women

Military uniforms

Military memorabilia

           and so much more!

Kanab Heritage Museum



Heritage House Museum

 15 South Main Street Kanab, UT

The Heritage House was originally completed in 1894 as a residence for Henry Bowman and his family. It has since served as a home to other prominent families in Kanab. As you explore the house you will gain insight in to the ideals, struggles and accomplishments of the early Utah pioneers. Stop in for a Free Guided Tour!




Kanab Family History Center

 20 West Center Street Kanab, UT 

Want to learn more about your family geneology? Stop into the Family History Center! Run by the LDS church and their members who volunteer, this Family History Center is free to the public to use. Ask for help from one of the many friendly volunteers and learn more about your family tree! It's easy to spend hours in here once you get lost in your own history!

Come discover your roots! 

Free to the public

Free Wifi

Video Presentations

Genealogy Research Center

Open Computer Labs



Little Hollywood Museum

 297 W Center St, Kanab, UT 84741

The Little Hollywood Movie Museum is located directly behind the gift shop in a grove of lush cottonwood trees. The museum has been designed as a fully immersive experience. As you walk among the movie sets, we encourage you to touch and relive the vivid illusions brought to the big screen by some of the world's most famous actors and directors.  Since 1924, the area around Kanab, Utah has played host to over 100 films and several TV shows.  Early on, it was dubbed Little Hollywood and has been at the center of western movie production ever since. 
We entertain tour groups from around the world with a short skit titled "How the West was Lost." The actors in the skit come from the tour groups themselves and a great time is had by all. 




Moqui Cave Museum

 4581 US-89, Kanab, UT 

Moqui Cave, a Southern Utah landmark, is a natural history museum featuring Native American artifacts and a large collection of dinosaur tracks. Within Moqui Cave is a large display of Native American artifacts along with unique flourescent rocks and minerals from around the world. Also on display are a sizeable collection of pre-Columbian artifacts from Mexico and more than 1,000 arrowheads. Centuries-old ceremonial pots, jugs, bowls and working tools provide some anthropological clues into the early lives of the Anasazi and Navajo Indians. Visitors will learn of more recent history from the collection of records relating to the original United Order and the early day communal system proposed by the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Moqui Cave Kanab



Pipe Spring National Monument

 406 Pipe Springs Road Fredonia, AZ 

Learn about this historic fort named Windsor Castle, after Mormon Pioneer Anson Perry Windsor, and how two communities learned to live together and rely upon each other for survival during harsh winter months. American Indians, Mormon ranchers, plants, animals, and many others have depended on the life-giving water found in the beautiful desert oasis at Pipe Spring. Learn about pioneer and Kaibab Paiute life by exploring the museum, historic fort and cabins, garden, orchard, and Ridge Trail. Visit with rangers and ranch animals, and attend living history demonstrations and talks.



Red Pueblo Museum

900 N Highway 89A Fedonia, AZ

Discover pieces fo the puzzle left for us by the early inhabitants of this area. Clues they left to help us understand how they lived in these harsh lands. View the largest projectile point collection on public display in Northern Arizona. See and compare 300 year old pots made by Puebloan pots.

Be sure to check out the Fredonia Heritage Park while your visiting the museum. The Fedonia Historical Society offers a look back at the history and traditions fo the Arizona Strip. They chronicle the lifestyles from the early pioneer families through the timber indstry and mining periods in the area. 

Image result for red pueblo museum


Cresent Moon Theater

 150 S 100 E, Kanab, UT



Paula Zutes built the Crescent Moon Theater in honor and memory of her late husband, Nick Duncan. Construction began in 2002 and the theater opened in May, 2003. The Crescent Moon was conceived as a "Cowboy Theater," which fits the beautiful history of the Kanab area and its colorful history of western culture. The theater features musical entertainment, cowboy poetry, theater and dance performances, and film events. Today, the theater has contracts with major motion picture studios and shows first rate movies. Crescent Moon theater is Kanab's entertainment destination!

Image result for crescent moon theater kanab


Red Stone Theatre

 29 West Center Street Kanab, UT 

Red Stone Theatre is a local theatre group that puts on amazing productions! Check out their website for production showtimes and more! Visit their website.


Redstone Theater to open with Always Patsy Cline